Here are some hand drawn blueprints for my new project, Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Tulsa Oklahoma. The symbols in the panels on this project are taken from our rich Orthodox tradition. This project began in August, 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in August of 2013. The dimensions of this project are 38.5 feet long, and 15.3 feet high. The wood used in this project is American Black Walnut. The design details of these carvings are Papadakis originals.

The detailed images are the first and last panels (from left to right) of the panels in the lower part of the iconostasis. The first detail contains an image of a lighthouse and a boat traversing stormy seas. The lighthouse represents our Father shining his light to guide us. The boat represents the Church (which is to say the people that are members of the Church). The top of the mast is a cross which represents Christ, and he guides the Church to safe harbors.

The second detail contains an image of the gates of paradise. Each of us, to reach paradise, must climb the steps in front of the gates. On either side of the gates, you’ll see an image of the Greek letters alpha and omega, which is a reference to scripture, in which Christ said “I am the alpha and omega”. The four pillars represent the four corners of the earth which shall receive Christ’s message of salvation. The Greek letters xi and i (representing Jesus Christ) also reference scripture, in which Christ indicates that the path to the Father is through Christ, and in this image, Christ stands in the path of the gates of Heaven.